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When you need to integrate email support into your inbound call management

Pain Point

Our client needed us to be able to receive automated email alerts from their client’s networks


  • Our client already used our services for voice related call handling and escalation services
  • Our client secured a new contract that included a new requirement for handling automated email alerts
  • Alerts received via email were required to be triaged and escalated to on call technicians in much the same way as were managing inbound calls


  • Integrating our Email Support Service into our clients automated email alerts platform
  • Ability to associate incoming emails to a script and workflow
  • Ability to triage problems accurately and efficiently, then escalate to technician
  • Integration to CRM and job management software for tracking works in progress


  • We integrated our Email Help Desk Service into our client’s email alert platform
  • We implemented a comprehensive script to ensure urgent alerts were escalated accordingly
  • We designed reporting and BI dashboard that separated each transaction type; calls versus emails, inclusive of resolution

The final solution included:

  • Implementation of our Email Help Desk Service incorporating Escalation Management
  • Provision of our Client Portal so that the client had full visibility across activity via reporting suite
  • Consolidated solution; the client 0saves handling costs due to systems’ integration
  • Scalable capacity and capability across all channels of communication 24/7, every day of the year

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