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Live Answer Messaging and bookings

Pain Point

Current provider no longer performing to expectation


  • The client had become dissatisfied with their current provider and wanted a change for their psychology practice
  • They engaged us to handle their calls and bookings and improve the service for their customers
  • The client was very satisfied with our responsiveness and approach


  • The client needed us to work in their bookings system
  • The client wanted to port their advertised number as part of the process


  • We identified the client requirements and proceeded with a simple answering service capable of integrating with their booking system
  • We included brief instructions for our agents as to how to manage bookings
  • We arranged the porting of their number to coincide with us taking over the service

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Live Answer Messaging and Bookings Management Service
  • We used our TMC Connect hosting service to port their number
  • The client has the confidence that their bookings are being handled efficiently

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