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When you need flexible resources to handle calls about emergency incidents and keep families informed

Pain Point

Need flexible resources to handle calls about Covid Incidents and keep families informed


  • A large provider of aged care and support services comprising retirement villages and aged care facilities, was extremely concerned that they may not be properly prepared in the case of a Covd-19 case occurring amongst their population.
  • The client did not have the capability to handle mass communication.
  • The client needed a low cost Australian-based solution that could be at the ready in case of an event.
  • The client’s CRM system was not reliable


  • Convincing the client that a shared service model would be much more cost effective to suggested dedicated resources
  • All calls to be recorded
  • Ability to expand and contract quickly 24/7
  • Conduct outbound calls within specified time frames


  • We evaluated the client’s initial fulltime resource requirement and key deliverables
  • We proved through modelling that a shared service model was more flexible and cost effective
  • We then implemented a holistic solution incorporating FAQ’s and guidance to ensure an empathetic and competent experience by residents, their families and client stakeholders
  • We designed a training program and briefing model to enable agents in a rapid deployment situation
  • We included a full reporting suite, including access to voice recordings for quality and training purposes

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Outbound Campaign Management service that could be activated and staffed within 2 hours
  • We activated our Help Desk and Support Service to be at the ready to take calls at any time
  • We included our Client Portal option for reporting all transactions handled, accessing call recordings and updating contact lists
  • The client now has the confidence that they have an outsourced contact centre that can handle a Covid-19 event

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