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When you need to set up an urgent hotline

Pain Point

I need to setup a new hotline for an urgent initiative.


  • The client needed a new inbound number for a new initiative they had to launch amongst their business network.
  • This number would attract new call types that needed also to be handled by an external team
  • They engaged us to provide a 1800 and contact centre service to handle the calls


  • Call volumes were unknown, and the client needed to mitigate the risk of overloading current resourcing


  • We worked with the client to ensure we had a proper understanding of the call handling process
  • We sourced a 1800 for the client to advertise
  • The client was able to send out their advices within the time required and stand up our contact centre solution in parallel.

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our TMC Connect 1800 Service for advertising.
  • We implemented our Help Desk and Support Service as the contact centre solution customising it to the clients exacting requirements
  • This incorporated a triaging whereby we transferred critical calls to a predefined staff contact list
  • The client experienced their desired campaign outcome


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