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When you need to reduce costs for handling after-hours enquiries

Pain Point

Reduce costs for handling Afterhours enquiries from the Council’s constituency


  • The client handles thousands of calls each year afterhours
  • They engaged us to provide a 24/7 contact centre to triage these calls such that only urgent matters would be escalated
  • The service has proven so successful it has remained in place for many years


  • Incorporating a wide variety of call types so that only those that fit stringent criteria filtered through for escalation
  • Managing a dynamic afterhours roster


  • We customised a comprehensive script including over 10 scenarios, each with their own decision tree for triaging and escalating as appropriate
  • We created an online roster for their oncall staff so that it would always show the right contact for us to call
  • We created a reporting suite that comprised calls handled and surveys completed

The final solution included:

  • Our Escalation Management service to triage the calls and escalate those defined as urgent
  • Our client Portal to enable the council to manage their rosters remotely as well as access our reporting 24/7
  • A comprehensive call activity report to enable full analysis of call types and their resolution
  • The client has the confidence that their constituents are properly serviced afterhours and urgent matters are expediently dealt with

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