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When you need a back up contact centre in the event of a site shut down

Pain Point

Need a back up contact centre for doctor’s locum service in the event of a site shut down


  • National doctor’s locum service needed a robust business continuity plan in the event of a full site failure
  • The solution needed to be bespoke, readily available 247 and able to be activate at very short notice
  • Activation needed to minimise impact to their service levels and demonstrate business as usual, as far as practical


  • Developing a solution that could be activated a very short notice
  • Designing a solution that our agents could use with minimal training


  • We collaborated with the client to identify the key requirements of managing a responsive solution
  • We implemented a 2-stage plan in a 2 plus 1 service agreement covering all aspects of the business continuity and disaster recovery requirements

The final solution included:

  • Customised script to be held “live” for immediate activation
  • Technology and infrastructure ready to be deployed in our facility for the client’s staff within 24 hours
  • The client now has peace of mind knowing that this significant risk to their business has been mitigated

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