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When you need a more responsive communications partner

Pain Point

My current provider is no longer responsive to my needs


  • The client had been experiencing difficulties with their afterhours support provider and needed to make a change to improve the service for their counselling services to employees 24/7.
  • They engaged us to take over this service which involved linking callers to counsellors who had an immediate support need or taking booking queries for next day follow-up
  • The client has since expanded the service to include a hotline for anonymous callers


  • The sensitive nature of callers needed very careful handling with complex FAQs
  • Some calls could take over 30 minutes
  • An escalation process needed to be incorporated should counsellors be unavailable


  • We consulted closely to understand the reason for calls and the best way to handle the complex FAQ’s
  • We customised our script to simplify the call handling approach for our agents, including word sensitive search, multiple drop down fields to minimise data entry and maximise the ability for Agents to focus on the nature of the call and empathetically resolve efficiently.
  • We trained our Agents comprehensively to ensure they had a proper understanding of why people would call and how best they should be handled with empathy
  • We incorporated an escalation process to ensure consistency and urgency to contacting the counsellors.
  • We incorporated the recording of calls for quality and training purposes and made these accessible to the client
  • We enabled the client to remotely manage their roster so as to ensure we would always be contacting the right person

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Help Desk service, coupled with an Escalation Management capability
  • We implemented our Client Portal to provide 24/7 access to call recordings, call activity data and for updating their roster
  • We implemented our Business Intro service to allow callers to opt out of having their call recorded
  • The client has the confidence that they have a new, energized partner capable of meeting their afterhours needs into the future.

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