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When you need low cost bookkeeping support

Pain Point

Need low cost bookkeeping support for accountancy business


  • The client had several large customers they need to focus on due to their complex accounting arrangements, whilst at the same time attracting smaller clients with more simple bookkeeping needs
  • They engaged us to provide low cost, qualified resources offshore, so they could continue to service their smaller customers
  • The client has a dedicated resource that has become part of their team.


  • The client was tentative with entrusting their clients to an offshore team
  • They needed accountancy qualifications
  • The client had specific requirements that were to be part of the duties to be performed


  • We offered a time-based service to show capability of our Australian CPA qualified accountants
  • We provided an Australian Account Manager to work with the client, achieving competency in their processes
  • Then we migrated the temporary role into a long-term arrangement with a direct reporting line to the client as a more cost-effective model

The final solution included:

  • We initially implemented our offshoring service hourly rate model
  • We then migrated to our Team member monthly fee model
  • Our Client now has the ability to focus on their larger clients with the confidence that their dedicated offshore resource is efficiently taking care of the rest of their customers

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