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When you need backup support for your reception

Pain Point

Need additional support to reception


  • The client had a receptionist for whom they needed backup in case of busy times and afterhours
  • They engaged us to provide a 24/7 overflow service for their co-working space business and to take over their 1300 service
  • The client now has the additional capacity they need


  • The client had used another provider previously and this had created problems due to lack of attention to detail
  • The client was keen to include email handling into the process
  • The client was therefore had very high expectations of us
  • The clients process involved integration with their CRM


  • We collaborated extensively to understand the client’s requirements and demonstrate our capabilities
  • We customised a script to include word search FAQ’s, call type flows, and an escalation process for urgent/complex matters so our Agents could efficiently resolve the various queries expected
  • We replicated the script for email handling
  • We integrated the new scripts with the client’s CRM by way of a login and password access protocol
  • We provided transparency of all calls via our client portal and call activity reporting

The final solution included:

  • Our Help Desk and Escalation Management services to handle the calls
  • Our Client Portal to provide 24/7 access to the data we collected from the calls and emails we handled
  • We ported their 1300 number to take advantage of a single bill for the solution
  • The client has the confidence that their premium service offering is supported by an attentive partner who is focused on ongoing process improvement with them

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