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When you need quality control reviews for continuous improvement

Pain Point

I need to be able to conduct remote call quality reviews of my service provider.


  • The client had a 24/7 helpdesk service with complex call flows
  • These flows involved multiple decision points in order to resolve the call efficiently.
  • They engaged us to enhance their outsourced service to include voice recordings so they could perform quality assurance checks on the calls we handled


  • Implementing a regulatory compliant solution that would not only record calls but make the call recordings available to the client


  • We consulted with the client on the most appropriate wording, incorporating their branding requirements
  • We implemented our Business Intro customised greeting, to let the caller know that their call will be recorded and that they could opt out if they so preferred.
  • We upload authorised recordings onto their client portal.
  • The client is now able to conduct their own call quality assessments as and when they need to help us continuously improve our service to their customers.

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