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Help Desk

Pain Point

Internal contact centre unable to handle seasonally driven consumer service call demand.


  • Global heating, Hot water and cooling client was susceptible to huge spikes in call flows during the changing of seasons,
  • resulting in 1000+ calls being unanswered on their busiest days.
  • TMC’s adaptable systems and flexible workforce provided a seamless and efficient solution that ensures no call is missed, resulting in significant increased service-based revenue and an 80% effective conversion rate of jobs submitted


  • Integrating with the client’s system
  • accommodating enough resources when needed
  • Ensuring maximum efficiency in a potentially complex call


  • We reviewed the clients call flows and several options to integrate .
  • We collaboratively tested and retested multiple variations to our proposed call handling approach.
  • We identified that by utilising a webform customised to suit the client’s job allocation system would maximise first call resolution and enable efficient call handling well within the client’s AHT expectations

The final solution included:

  • Customised scripting
  • Integrated webform
  • Automated webform import into client’s ordering system

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