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Pain Point

Need contact centre overflow capacity to help handle event driven call spikes


  • National media organisation client was being overrun with calls resulting in 1000’s of calls being unanswered on a daily basis
  • This was creating significant negative feedback from their customer base
  • They need an urgent fix as the cause was event triggered with further events planned over coming months
  • We started handling calls within 2 days


  • implementing a contact centre team to handle ‘000’s of additional calls virtually without notice
  • upskilling the team to enable them to provide a good customer experience from day 1
  • Ensuring maximum efficiency in a potentially complex call


  • We implemented a 2-stage call handling process to maximise speed of answer and efficiently handle data entry
  • We trained our agents in multiple stages to allow them to come up to speed within the first week
  • We struck a strong rapport with the client’s existing contact centre team which enabled quick learning and improvements

The final solution included:

  • Customised scripting
  • Responsive flexible agent workforce
  • Direct data input to the client’s systems to minimise double handling
  • The client now never misses any calls

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