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Customised Greetings

Pain Point

Missing sales opportunities due to customers hanging up before they get answered.


  • The client could not always get to their callers quickly
  • The client had been experiencing high rates of customers hanging up prior to their call being answered
  • They engaged us to implement a customised greeting to alert callers that they were currently busy
  • The client has halved their incidence of callers hanging up before they can get answered


  • Implementing a solution that would provide immediate information to a caller even before they were answered by a person
  • Designing short and succinct messages that could be played at intervals with a consistency of branding message


  • We consulted with the client on the most appropriate wording, incorporating their branding requirements
  • We implemented our Business Intro customised greeting
  • The client now receives great feedback about their responsiveness and has significantly increased capturing their sales enquiries

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