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When you need centralised national franchisees telephone support

Pain Point

Need centralised Franchisees telephone support


  • National franchise business was seeking a replacement outsourced partner to manage their call answering service (they were very disgruntling with their current provider due to quality issues as well as capability across reporting and general changes to business needs)
  • The service had to be capable of delivering sales leads to specific franchisees by geography / specified territory
  • The client needed reporting capability of ALL leads delivered to each franchisee in order to understand effectiveness of marketing budgets and effort by geography
  • The client also needed full reporting of leads to franchisees for purpose of on-charging lead generation based on pre-existing franchise fee structures.


  • Transitioning a busy call answering service from previous provider to TMC without disturbing calls to their national number
  • The need to accurately manage qualification of incoming calls and allocate sales leads to franchisees by geography / specified territory
  • Developing a solution that could provide full reporting of call and lead allocation by franchisee
  • Maintaining an accurate database of franchisees which needed to be integrated to our call scripting platform
  • Designing a solution that our agents could use with minimal training


  • We built a database of franchisees linked to our scripting platform
  • We provided the client with secure access to the franchisee database so that they could manage changes. Changes to the database were automatically linked to our scripting tool, so there was no down time or double handle of this process.
  • We implemented a comprehensive script including FAQ’s tool to ensure proper handle of call types
  • We built full suite of custom reporting tools that met all their requirements

The final solution included:

  • Implementation of our Help Desk and Support Service to manage all calls
  • The client saves what was previously a double handle of data as our service provided full reporting that they integrated to their CRM and billing platform
  • The client has peace of mind knowing that they have partnered with a professional and dynamic service provider adapt to changing needs where required

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