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Multiple 1800 and Freecall numbers answered by the same contact centre

Pain Point

I need Freecall phone numbers for both my New Zealand and Australian operations together with an Australian-based Contact Centre.


  • The client needed 1800 and Freecall numbers in Australia and New Zealand
  • These numbers would need to be answered by the same contact centre
  • They engaged us to provide not only the 1300 services and the contact centre solution


  • Providing a high quality international Freecall service, as their current provider was very poor
  • Answering the calls in a way that demonstrated a sound understanding of each country’s unique requirements


  • We worked with the client to identify to port their existing number and provided a new service.
  • We then identified the best approach for handling their calls
  • The client was able to provide the 24/7 support demanded by their clients in a rapidly expanding industry.

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our TMC Connect International Freecall services and 1800 Service.
  • We implemented our Help Desk and Escalation Management service to handle the calls
  • The client now has piece of mind that their calls are delivered on a high quality network and that no calls will be missed

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