Escalation Management

Pain Point

Existing provider no longer able to meet changing demands of the business


  • The client had an afterhours call-out process which had become problematic and needed review
  • They engaged us to automate and simplify the process
  • We now handle their afterhours call-outs nationally


  • Existing client processes were manually intensive with lots of knowledge in the heads of those people in the process
  • The client was reluctant to change due to potential of “making things worse”


  • We collaborated closely with the client to understand their requirements and demonstrated how the process could be improved by introducing our services
  • Then we customised a service that could handle the complexities of the current process and demonstrated how this would work, including remote roster management and comprehensive reporting
  • We piloted the service in one state and made some minor adjustments and then proceeded to national operation

The final solution included:

  • Our Escalation Management and Triage service, to simply identify problem types, locations, major clients, contacts and urgency
  • Our remote roster management process via our Client Portal, so the client could maintain all their trades contacts as and when they needed
  • Then client now has confidence in our more efficient automated afterhours call-out process

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