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When you need to manage the communications of hundreds of tenants effectively

Pain Point

Tenants either contacting building managers unnecessarily or unable to make contact for urgent repairs


  • The client had multiple high-rise accommodation towers, each with 100’s of tenants and serviced by a building manager. The building managers were often hard to contact either because they were either out of range. in areas such as lift rooms or basements, or taking calls that could be better handled by the admin team during business hours
  • They engaged us to provide a 24/7 answering service to both handle all calls to the building managers and monitor their whereabouts
  • The client’s building managers are now much more productive and more available for essential services, providing a more cost effective and better service for their tenants.


  • The client had rotating rosters with varying shift patterns across multiple sites
  • The client had no single system to monitor staff attendance
  • The client had many tenants with their first language other than English
  • The client was concerned of their staff safety in many of the buildings’ confined/dangerous spaces


  • We consulted extensively with Client stakeholders and Supervisors to properly understand the critical issues to be addressed
  • We created a plan to deploy in stages so as to give time to the Supervisors to have their staff embrace the new arrangements
  • We deployed a 24/7 1800 service to be answered centrally, created a help desk with multiple FAQ’s and drop-down menus to effectively handle urgent matters and take messages for others (to be handled next business day
  • We created a staff monitoring system
    • based on a remotely maintained roster that triggered an alert for us to contact the staff member if they hadn’t checked in or out, on time.
    • That would be activated each time the staff member either travelled to site afterhours on a call-out, or if they had to complete inspections, etc in dangerous environments,
    • which we would then monitor until they were safely on-site, back home or returned from their inspection
  • We created a dashboard of our activity so the client could remotely monitor staff compliance and safety

The final solution included:

  • We implemented an integrated solution comprising HelpDesk and Support Service, Escalation Management Service, Lone Worker monitoring service
  • We created a bespoke rostering monitoring system that could be remotely updated through our Client Portal
  • We reported regularly on trends and exceptions to demonstrate effectiveness of the service and highlight areas for improvement
  • The client now has complete confidence in the productivity of their staff and that their tenants are receiving the best possible service

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