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Human Resource Management; OH&S, Sick Leave, Rosters, Attendance & Compliance

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Pain Point

Our client needed a better way to verify worksite attendance by employees and contractors


  • The client manages several accommodations and building services across Australia
  • The client needed a way to monitor workplace attendance of its employees and contractors
  • Attendance was tracked by reference to a roster that is provided to TMC by the client
  • The process included a check in to site, and check out from site procedure by employees
  • Non-attendance or non-compliance to rosters needed to be escalated to management on call


  • We needed to understand the client roster in order to design and build our solution
  • The rosters were fluid, so changes needed to be accommodated and updated in real time
  • Our processes needed to include qualification of call origin in order to link to the correct script
  • The client needed full visibility across employee interactions with the call centre


  • We designed a method for our client to upload their roster (by site) to our client portal
  • We used the site unique caller identification number to verify that the employee was calling from the specific site
  • Our scripts integrated to the roster and created a check point in advance of attendance records
  • Employees were required to contact TMC when they arrived at site to confirm attendance
  • At completion of a shift, each employee would need to contact TMC to advise check out
  • Missed check ins or check outs included contact to the employee or contractor by TMC

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Roster Management & Help Desk service
  • We designed a web-based roster application that integrated to our call centre
  • We provided our client with access to client portal for roster management and visibility across our interactions with employees or contractors
  • The client has reduced attendance issues by 17%

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