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Bookings Service

Pain Point

Shop staff missing calls because they are with customers


  • The client had beauticians either too busy to take calls because they were performing services or they were not busy at all
  • They engaged us to answer their calls and create bookings for them to maximise their calendars
  • The client has since experienced a 30% uplift in booking


  • The client was very time poor
  • The client was part of a national chain which they had to b mindful of
  • The cost per call had to be kept to a minimum


  • We captured requirements and created a model incorporating their booking system
  • We piloted it to prove its success and efficiency
  • We commenced taking calls within a week

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Live Answer Messaging with Bookings service
  • We integrated this with the client’s booking system
  • The client has since been able to put on additional staff to handle the increased appointments and better service walk in customers

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