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When your technician call-out processes are inconsistent and creating a poor customer experience

Pain Point

Current regional based specialist technician call-out processes were inconsistent creating a poor customer experience


  • The client needed to centralise a complex spread of over 15 regional office after hours technician call-out processes into a single national process
  • They engaged us to firstly help identify best practice internally and then design and implement a robust national process
  • We are now into our 4th year of handling the clients afterhours calls and they are delighted with the improvements made for their customers


  • Each region wanted to retain their process
  • The call out rosters were extremely complex with multiple escalation layers and a very dynamic work force
  • Some equipment required highly skilled (and very expensive) technician to repair and there was a high cost risk associated with sending out the wrong technician to the wrong job


  • We collaborated with a national group of stakeholders to develop a suitable solution.
  • We created a simple script containing numerous drop-down selectable field to minimise data entry issues when identifying equipment, fault, location and technician
  • We trained our agents on the major differences between the main equipment types so they could liaise with the caller efficiently to get the right information prior to escalating
  • We implemented a national standard roster and rapid updating process to ensure currency of names, numbers and locations
  • We customised our reporting suite to enable quick daily reconciliation of jobs

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Escalation Management service
  • We customised this with over 10 different fields and drop down boxes for ease of triaging calls
  • The client has now been with us for over 5 years and is extremely confident that their afterhours calls are helping keep their customers satisfied and equipment properly serviced in a timely fashion, even after hours

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