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When basic live answering is inadequate for your expanding business needs

Pain Point

Basic Live Answering inadequate for expanding business needs.


  • The client had an existing service which was insufficient for their needs and needed additional functionality to better support their customers.
  • They engaged us to take advantage of enhanced capabilities such as reception service.
  • The relationship has since grown to a fully integrated customer service helpdesk with a comprehensive reporting suite to provide insights for both business process and customer experience improvements


  • Client was very wary of outsourcing
  • The value per sale (and hence any lost sale) was significant
  • the business was reshaping and any changes needed to be in synch


  • We planned and discussed various options before settling into a program of work
  • We implemented our services in a phased approach to demonstrate competency and gain trust whilst the client concentrated on the restructuring of their business
  • We streamlined the leads handling process

The final solution included:

  • Our migration path consisted of our Live Answer Messaging to Reception Service to Help Desk and Support service
  • During our migration we also include our Client Portal and Business Intelligence reporting options.
  • The client now has confidence knowing that we have proven our worth in providing a great customer experience, creating additional revenue through a streamlined leads handling process and saving administrative costs through integration with their CRM.

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