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When your customers expectations mean your after hour support needs and upgrade

Pain Point

Current provide no longer meeting expectations


  • The client had become frustrated with the declining service performance of their current afterhours contact centre provider
  • They engaged us to bring their afterhours support back to the level of expectations demanded by their customers
  • We have since met and exceed every expectation and the client now has great feedback from their clients once more


  • The client had multiple services and requirements across their customer portfolio
  • The existing processes where cumbersome
  • The client wanted to make the change in a very carefully coordinated timeframe to minimise disruption to their customers


  • We collaborated carefully so as to understand the various services and how they could be improved with the benefit of our unique systems and people capability
  • Our scripting included the ability to treat individual clients according to their own workflow and integrated a contact list and roster which each could be kept up to date remotely
  • Then we customised and tested the solution with various scenarios
  • We coordinated the go live to coincide with the termination date to provide a seamless change to our service

The final solution included:

  • Our Escalation Management and email management services to handle calls and emails respectively in a consistent manner
  • Our Client Portal to enable the client to remotely update rosters and contact lists as well as access our Call and email activity 24/7
  • The client now has the partner they need to meet the high expectations of their customers

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