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When you need to scale you after hours and business overflow call capability

Pain Point

Needed an outsource contact centre partner to manage after hours and business overflow calls on behalf of their clients


  • The client has its own in-house contact centre and needed scalability
  • The scope included full integration to existing CRM software and contact lists for escalation
  • The requirements included the ability to triage calls and warm transfer to nurses on call when necessary
  • The service included varying tailored scripts and workflows dependant on the origin of the call (client)
  • Callers would be logging sick leave, occupational health and safety issues, or seeking to talk to a nurse


  • We needed custom scripts by client that were easy to follow by our call centre operators
  • Our client used ONE number to answer ALL incoming calls, regardless of which client was calling
  • Our processes needed to include qualification of call origin in order to link to the correct script
  • The nurse triage roster comprised multiple nurses on call and on a rotating roster


  • We designed our scripts around specific and unique workflows and requirements by customer
  • Our triaging processes were automated and based on qualifying questions with prompts for next steps
  • We integrated our scripting platform into our client’s CRM via API so that all call-related detail was passed through to avoid any double handle
  • We included comprehensive scheduled reporting so the client would know first thing each morning of any jobs taken or those that were still outstanding or pending completion

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Live Answer Help Desk service
  • We implemented a comprehensive reporting suite including our Call Activity and Business Intelligence reporting to enable informed decisions around quality improvement
  • The client has the confidence to promote their 24/7 support process to more clients and utilize our service for business hours should they need this at short notice for any reason

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