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When you need to monitor your social media enquiries 24/7

Pain Point

New business requiring low cost scalable multi channel comms including 24/7 monitoring of their Facebook page


  • The client had unknown contact volumes and needed a low-cost flexible scalable solution to handle their Facebook page queries
  • They engaged us as part of an overall outsourced service for all their customer interactions
  • TMC’s Social Media monitoring solution has enabled the client to navigate Covid with minimal fixed costs and still capture every sales lead 24/7


  • Low transaction volumes mean difficulty for Agents to retain knowledge
  • Similarly the client could not justify a full-time resource to monitor or indeed cover 24/7


  • We consulted closely with the client to understand their workflows and customer approach
  • We developed chat flows in our Octopus platform that we easy to improve as new scenarios arise
  • We trialled several approaches before we finally settled on an optimal flow

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Social Media Monitoring service as a trigger-based service to minimise costs and maximise the customer experience with our skilled agents handling the Facebook enquiries
  • We integrated an escalation process so that sales leads were immediately forwarded to designated sales teams
  • We implemented a comprehensive script including a range of FAQ’s to “store the knowledge needed” for our agents to simply navigate as and when Facebook users made contact.
  • The client now confidently captures any Sales Leads within minutes of a potential customer contacting their Facebook page.

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