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When your start-up business needs a 24/7 contact centre

Pain Point

Needed a contact centre solution for a start-up business to handle 24/7 support calls for staff and customers


  • The client was consulting with a start-up business to help mitigate risks to staff and customers and meet regulatory compliance issues associated with a new ride share venture
  • They engaged us to provide a 24/7 contact centre capable of handling a variety of scenarios including emergencies if so required
  • Our solution helped enable the start-up to get their required approvals and operationalise


  • Being a start-up business, it was very difficult to map out requirements
  • The rules and regulations were quite onerous


  • We workshopped and consulted extensively with the client and the start-up to gain a common understanding of the minimum requirements
  • We then customised a script to include a series of FAQ’s and triage points for escalations
  • We allocated our more experienced agents and trained them via our train the trainer methodology
  • We implemented a comprehensive reporting suite to provide visibility of all call activity

The final solution included:

  • Hosting of a 1800 service answering via our Help Desk and Escalation service
  • Business Intro to advise callers their call will be recorded unless they chose to opt out
  • Client Portal to remotely manage contact lists, access reporting and voice recordings
  • The client has the confidence in our ability to provide these types of services into the future

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