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When you have a high volume of data to be captured in the most cost-effective way

Pain Point

High volume of data capture to be handled by low cost resources


  • The client had an existing team of specialist data capture analysts
  • Specialist data capture analysts were being used for low skill data processing
  • They engaged us to build a dedicated data capture team in our Philippine operations
  • We now have a dedicated team, including team leaders delivering this process


  • The client needed a solution that was scalable and freed up existing locally based resources
  • Training was to be delivered remotely via our clients existing team and facilitated by our team in Manila
  • The client required a high level of security across all data capture and storage


  • We engaged with our HR team to commence a recruitment drive for suitably skilled applicants
  • We utilised behavioural as well as skill-based testing across accuracy and attention to detail
  • We appointed 2 dedicated team leaders to overlook production, quality control and be a direct contact point to our clients existing team in Australia
  • Our network and dev teams integrated our environment to comply with all applicable privacy and security protocols
  • We met regularly with the client to ensure our approach stayed aligned with expectations
  • We reported regularly on productivity and used this information as the basis for ongoing improvement

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our offshore dedicated team model service as a cost effective, flexible and scalable solution
  • We added to this our Client Portal to provide visibility of all data capture activity
  • We built a custom Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard that showed all activities

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