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Casual Service

Pain Point

NBN issues creating problems for customers trying to call


  • The client had been affected by NBN being down
  • They engaged us for a temporary service until it was fixed
  • The client has since come to value our service and is now an ongoing client


  • Urgent implementation
  • Perceived potential network related issues impacting the client to be able to divert to us


  • We worked with the client to get ap proper understanding of the network issues
  • We explained the simplicity of diverting their number to us to minimise any downtime
  • Then we implemented the service same day

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Casual Live Answer service customised to the client’s requirements for taking messages and emailing them through
  • Following the success of the temporary service, we progressed to a longterm service without any disruption.
  • The client is now a very satisfied long term client

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