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When you need to supercharge your market research capabilities

Pain Point

Needed a tool to manage SMS communications for market research surveys


  • The client needed to develop a data capture method to integrate into its existing processes
  • The scope included ability to send SMS and track responses from participants
  • The client wanted to maximise self-help and reporting within our SMS platform
  • They engaged TMC as we had the proven experience required to meet their scope
  • TMC has implemented a fully integrated solution to the client’s satisfaction


  • Client had extremely high expectations and risk adversity and had never used a web SMS platform to manage research responses
  • Manage many stakeholders to ensure branding alignment
  • Maximise system driven responses and integration to minimise double handle of data


  • Our dev team facilitated a test environment which allowed proof of concept testing
  • We implemented a fully integrated solution that the user could navigate efficiently
  • We conducted several testing and trial runs to improve the delivery model
  • We successfully deployed the solution on time and to budget, exceeding the client’s expectations

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our SMS platform solution and integrated to client systems via API
  • Our platform comes with comprehensive reporting suite to enable informed learning
  • The client now has the confidence that TMC’s low cost SMS solution has added another avenue for their capability to deliver market research results more effective

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