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Outbound Telemarketing, Client Satisfaction Survey, Follow Up, Appointment Scheduling

Pain Point

Our client managed services to an elite and blue-chip clientele and needed flex in its capacity to manage fluctuation in workloads whilst maintaining the highest of quality across client expectation and experience


  • The client has an existing team of specialist contact centre agents
  • Our client was looking for flex in its capability to manage variables in resourcing
  • They engaged us to build a dedicated team to assist with campaign management
  • We now have a dedicated team, including team leaders delivering this process
  • We provide the flex that the client needed, and the standard demanded


  • The client needed an outsourced solution that was scalable yet maintained full control over quality and accuracy
  • Training was to be delivered via A train the trainer approach
  • Resourcing required attention to behavioural traits and stringent quality checking
  • Our team needed to integrate to our clients existing team as well as direct engagement to our client’s clients
  • The client required a high level of security across all data capture and storage


  • We engaged with our HR team to commence a recruitment drive for suitably skilled applicants
  • We utilised behavioural as well as skill-based testing across accuracy and attention to detail
  • We appointed 2 dedicated team leaders to overlook production, training and quality control
  • We appointed an account manager to be a direct contact point to our clients

The final solution included:

  • Our client now has an extension to their existing operations via our services
  • We implemented a dedicated team model service as a cost effective, flexible and scalable solution
  • We added to this our Client Portal to provide visibility of all data capture activity
  • We built a custom Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard that showed all activities

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