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Help Desk and Telephone numbers

Pain Point

Need an on demand inbound contact centre to handle customer queries about data breach events


  • The client needed a highly responsive outsourced contact centre partner to help handle data breach events
  • They engaged us to provide multiple global freecall numbers that could be used in an email campaign, the incoming calls for which would be handled by a contact centre
  • What initially started as one service has now been developed into an ongoing rapid-response templated approach


  • The client needed a same day solution to complement an already constructed communications stratgey
  • The client did not know call volumes or call flows
  • The client needed freecall numbers within days


  • We immediately sourced a local 1800 and setup a scripting template with basic live answer messaging ready to take calls by the end of the day
  • Then we sourced international freecall numbers and worked with client to develop the script to reflect the specific event
  • We terminated all numbers to the same script, enabling a simple approach for our Agents to handle all calls

The final solution included:

  • Our usage based Help Desk and Support Service and 1800 and 0800 freecall services
  • Business Intro to advise callers that their call would be recorded unless they opted out
  • Our Client Portal to provide readily accessible call data for analysis and quality assurance, which they then use for informing their customer
  • Our ability to respond quickly and provide a totally flexible contact centre solution has given the client the confidence to utilize our services time and again as and when a crisis occurs

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