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When you need after hours support for residents in retirement villages

Pain Point

Need an Afterhours service to help support residents in retirement villages


  • The client had multiple retirement villages under their care and needed to increase their afterhours support processes for residents who may need anything from reassurance if they are feeling lonely or scared, through to arrange an urgent plumbing repair
  • They engaged us to provide an empathetic point of contact that could hear their concerns and arrange urgent problems to be fixed
  • The client now has piece of mind that their residents are properly looked after in their case of need


  • Large complexity of scenarios that each required a specific approach in order to meet expectations
  • Large risk adverse stakeholder environment
  • Calls needed to be handled with a high degree of empathy


  • We collaborated extensively to ensure we had a common understanding of the resident’s expectations and the various scenarios
  • We customised our scripting tool with word search FAQ’s, multiple drop-down boxes and information gathering tips, along with a comprehensive escalation process which included keeping residents informed of any urgent issue needing to be resolved
  • We selected specific agents with the appropriate interpersonal skills and maturity to hold a meaningful discussion with the residents and efficiently escalate when so required
  • We implemented call recording and Business intelligence reporting as part of a joint Quality Assurance program
  • We enabled the client to remotely manage their contact lists and call-out rosters

The final solution included:

  • Our Help Desk and Escalation Management services to enable simple navigation by our selected agents
  • Our Client Portal to provide 24/7 access to call activity data, Business Intelligence reporting, call recordings, and to remotely manage contact lists and rosters
  • Business Intelligence reporting to show trends and exceptions across facilities, call types, urgent restoration works and issues.
  • The client has now the confidence that their outsourced contact centre is effectively and efficiently providing an empathetic service for their residents

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