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When you need to keep your people monitored and safe when they are out visiting private homes

Pain Point

Our client needed a way to monitor employee safety


  • The client has various employees attending private homes to care for home patients
  • The health and safety of its employees was a real risk that needed to be addressed
  • They engaged TMC to implement ‘check in’, and ‘check out’ from each location visited by employees


  • We needed to understand the client roster in order to design and build our solution
  • The rosters were fluid, so changes needed to be accommodated and updated in real time
  • Our processes included a daily update of scheduled visits by employees to patients
  • Breaches of check in / check out required some very robust escalation processes


  • We designed a method for our client to upload their roster (by site) to our client portal
  • Each shift became a job within our call centre that required monitoring from start to full completion
  • Employees were required to contact TMC when they arrived at site to confirm attendance
  • At completion of a shift, each employee would need to contact TMC to advise check out
  • As a means of streamlining the process, we developed a 2-way SMS communication for employees which meant that they would receive an attendance record by SMS which they used to initially confirm attendance, then via the same SMS confirm safe check out
  • No response to either check in or out means TMC follow up action required

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Roster Management & Help Desk service
  • We designed a web-based roster application with SMS features that integrated to our call centre
  • We provided our client with access to client portal for roster management and visibility across our interactions with employees or contractors
  • The client is very satisfied that employee’s welfare is being adequately managed

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