Pain Point

My current bulk SMS solution is cumbersome and sub optimal, risking SMS’s being sent to staff not needing to get them


  • The client had an extensive organisation requiring the ability to send bulk SMS messages with urgency at any time
  • They had an existing service limiting optout functionality and which was very cumbersome to use
  • They engaged us to provide a better solution


  • Providing a solution that would be simple to implement
  • Providing a solution that could be easily managed after hours


  • We implemented our Textr Bulk SMS tool with the dedicated number option, so the client had visibility of receivers wishing to opt-out.
  • The user-friendly interface provided
    • Ability to load multiple lists and create their own messages
    • Realtime visibility of response rates
  • We replicated this service in our Contact Centre platform using our Help Desk and Support service, enabling us to send messages from their system, 24/7


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