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When you need a communications plan for emergency incidents

Pain Point

Need contact centre partner to help handle potential Covid-19 incidents in Aged Care and Retirement Village settings


  • The client has multiple locations each with their own technology
  • The staffing arrangements were such that a large portion of the day and night was left without phone answering services
  • They engaged us to provide a standard approach across 10+ sites
  • The client has since engaged us for other services including on demand outbound contact support and bulk 2 way SMS capability to further enhance their communications plan


  • The client had not outsourced before
  • They were highly sensitive to the privacy of their residents and their families
  • Their locations had a range of disparate technologies of varying age and capability
  • We needed to provide transparency on all activity and contact centre performance
  • We needed to cater for languages other than English and hearing-impaired callers


  • We collaborated extensively over a 4-week period to ensure all aspects of our proposed solution met requirements of the client
  • We implemented a combined solution for Inbound calls, outbound calls and Bulk SMSing and hearing-impaired communication using a blend of tools and our scripting platform
  • We created integrations for both messages and reports so that the client could monitor “real-time” any escalations according to agreed priorities for both TMC and their internal on call staff
  • We established a 24/7 communication process to facilitate urgent scripting changes in the case of a Covid-19 incident

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Help Desk service, Outbound Campaign Management Service and TEXTR Bulk SMS’ing platform
  • We created a comprehensive script template for each location, each with their own specific requirements
  • We implemented a call recording capability in compliance with the client’s privacy requirements and ACMA’s regulations
  • We implemented our Client Portal to provide visibility of our Call Activity, Voice recordings and Business Intelligence Reporting
  • We created Business Intelligence reporting to enable quick analysis of call resolution status across multiple call types and multiple locations
  • The client now has the confidence of an Australian-based outsourced partner standing at the ready in the case of a high profile Covid-19 incident as well as redundancy for every site as and when required 24/7.

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