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When you need business intelligence to identify the root cause of high equipment faults

Pain Point

High equipment faults without data to identify root cause


  • The client has a nationwide chain of restaurants with over 300 locations each with standardised cooking equipment
  • TMC’s Business Intelligence reporting provided the insights into call data being collected for the client to identify trends that enabled quick business decisions to be made to improving their equipment.


  • Whilst failure rates were relatively low across the network, the cost of arranging repairs was becoming problematic
  • Existing reporting, whilst containing sufficient information about faults and how they were being rectified, was very difficult for the client to analyse


  • In collaboration with the client, we identified several trending and exceptions views to help highlight potential problem areas
  • By testing various scenarios, we arrived at a minimal number of graphical views across their outlets and their equipment types
  • We made the graphs and the underlying data available virtually real-time to enable analysis as and when required

The final solution included:

  • We customised our Business Intelligence reporting suite and the data that we captured was presented via our Client Portal
  • The client was able to identify equipment failure which meant lower number of breakdowns and cost savings:
    • by site which resulted in understanding employee behaviours around usage. This allowed them to implement a training program to minimise mis-use (not always intentional)
    • by type which resulted in equipment upgrades eliminating the major causes of breakdown,

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