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Pain Point

Need additional contact centre capacity to handle bookings whilst venue staff are busy serving patrons.


  • National restaurant chain needed a consistent brand experience across 30 venues for callers
  • The telephony systems and booking systems were non-standard
  • The solution needed to be able to relieve front of house staff from answering calls so they could focus on serving patrons


  • Developing a solution that could be replicated across all venues regardless of technology constraints
  • Designing a solution that our agents could use with minimal handling time
  • Numerous stakeholders involved


  • We collaborated with the client to identify the key requirements of managing a responsive solution
  • We conducted a pilot to prove out the concept
  • We identified a suitable model and rolled this out across all venues

The final solution included:

  • Customised a live answering service script as a blueprint for all venues, which then only need minor adjustment for each venue
  • The client saved significant internal resource costs with a usage based bookings and enquiries handling service
  • 70-80% booking rates achieved across approximately 3000 calls per month which would otherwise have been missed

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