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Offshore Business Process Outsourcing

Pain Point

Needing additional capacity to manage business growth and struggling to find the right suitable candidates within the local employment market.


  • The client was inundated with work and his existing team were already working beyond capacity
  • The client was struggling to fill this requirement within his business and had advertised and out this out to employment agencies, but to no avail.
  • TMC was engaged to source a suitably skilled person to work within our Manila based operations


  • The client required an urgent solution
  • The client did not have the budget to employ a similarly skilled person in Australia
  • The Client required the solution to have no negative impact to his existing client experience


  • We advertised the position as a vacancy in our Manila office
  • We short listed suitably skilled applicants for presentation to our client
  • We undertook appropriate skill-based testing of each candidate to ensure good fit
  • The client interviewed 3 applicants and ended up offering the job to 2 applicants instead of 1

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Offshore Dedicated Team Solution
  • The client ended up with 2 resources thus doubling capacity for the price of one on what it would have otherwise cost in Australia

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