Email Management

Pain Point

Unable to handle After hours technician callouts submitted by email


  • The client had one of their major clients with an email-based approach to advising of technician callouts, which was becoming problematic to handle
  • They engaged us to take-over these emails so their team could focus on other priority work
  • The client no longer has to worry about staying on top of their emails.


  • High volumes of emails 24/7
  • Not all emails had the same priority or were required to be escalated to a trade


  • We provided a TMC email address for the client to divert their emails to
  • We identified with the client, those emails that needed escalating and those not to be escalated and created rules around them as to their most appropriate treatment.
  • We tested these scenarios, adjusted our approach and implemented the agreed solution

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our usage and time-based Email Management and Support service
  • Call Activity reporting to identify all emails received and how they handled or resolved
  • The client now has a cost-effective way of confidently handling emails for their important clients 24/7

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