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When you need a staff member to be available 24/7 in case or emergency

Pain Point

I need to reduce costs for staffing to handle after hours calls.


  • The client had 2 hotel and short stay accommodation premises which required a staff member to be available 24 hours in case of an emergency repair or lock-out situation
  • They engaged us to handle after hours calls, manage guest entry and escalate important calls for trade or security guard
  • The client no longer needs their staff on call


  • The accommodation had secure pin code access for guests
  • Guest compliance to the premises rules was a high priority
  • There would be complaints from other guests and the public which we would be required to handle appropriately


  • We identified the processes we need to follow for verifying guests and enabling access, escalating to Security guards and handling non urgent calls
  • We built a simple script for our Agents including drop down boxes for site identification, call types, and afterhours contacts along with brief FAQ’s to navigate the guest validation process for lock-outs, handling complaints and lift issues
  • Our process flows enabled simple decision making for urgent and non-urgent scenarios

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Escalation Management and Triage service
  • We included detailed call activity reporting each day so the management team had visibility of any calls the prior day.
  • The client no longer requires their staff to on call 24/7

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