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When you need to scale up and introduce an after hours contact process for urgent call-outs

Pain Point

Needed to introduce an afterhours contact process for urgent trades call-outs


  • The client’s customer demand for after hours trades was increasing and they needed to scale up
  • They engaged us to provide a contact centre capable of handling triaging for urgent/non urgent calls
  • The support that we now provide 24/7 has enabled the client to attract more customers and extend their support to existing ones


  • The client had proven but cumbersome processes for handling afterhours
  • Their work allocation system was complex
  • Their roster comprised multiple trades on a rotating roster


  • We consulted with the client to come up with an effective way of triaging urgent calls and integrating our processes with their work allocation system
  • We customised our scripting tool to suit the new approach and trained our agents accordingly
  • We then enabled the client to manage their roster remotely without the need to send any details to us, integrating this into our scripting tool so that our agents would always access the most current roster
  • We included comprehensive daily reporting so the client would know foirst thing each morning of any jobs taken or outstanding

The final solution included:

  • Our Escalation Management Service integrated with the client work allocation system
  • Our client portal to enable remote roster management and access our comprehensive call activity reporting 24/7
  • The client has the confidence to promote their 24/7 support process to more clients and also utilize our service for business hours should they need to close for any reason

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