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When you need to expand your customer care capability to be on 24/7

Pain Point

Growing business with increasing pressure from their clients to manage a 24/7-customer care


  • Our client needed to expand its capability and customer care to 24/7
  • Callers and users of the service were predominantly people that had been prescribed medications
  • Our client needed an outsource solution that included capability to manage enquiries and triage calls where necessary
  • The solution needed to include all communication channels; telephone, email and SMS


  • Build a knowledge base within our contact centre
  • Develop a scripting platform that guided our representatives through various call types
  • The solution required an empathetic team, so choice of agents was paramount
  • The client requested full visibility across all phone interactions to ensure quality standards
  • The solution needed to be robust against privacy of data given the nature of the communications


  • We implemented a comprehensive script including FAQ’s tool to ensure proper handle of call types
  • We integrated our scripting tools into our clients existing CRM and customer management software
  • We integrated our SMS platform into the scheduled reminders to their patients
  • We built full suite of custom reporting tools that met all their requirements

The final solution included:

  • Implementation of our Help Desk and Support Service to manage all calls
  • The client has peace of mind knowing that they have partnered with a professional and dynamic service provider adapt to changing needs where required
  • We added to this our Client Portal to provide visibility of all data capture activity
  • We built a custom Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard that showed all activities

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