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When you need better visibility of your people’s movements whilst attending call-outs

Pain Point

Needed better visibility of guards’ movements whilst attending alarms or whilst on premises


  • The client had concerns that their manual processes were not effectively monitoring guards
  • They engaged us to take on their afterhours calls and escalate urgent work to them as well as handle
  • TMC now handles all after hours calls with clear visibility of call types and guard movements provided online via our client portal


  • Calibrating numerous stakeholders’ feedback
  • Client had not used outsourcing before and were nervous to have someone else do their work
  • Client had very specific terminology


  • We collaborated extensively with stakeholder groups
  • We tested multiple scripting iterations until we were aligned with the client’s terminology, including drop down boxes for guards, premises, customers, call types to codify our approach both to emulate an understanding of each Client’s customer as well as effectively monitor guard movements and shift changes
  • We introduced comprehensive reporting for both operational purposes and executive oversight

The final solution included:

  • Our Help Desk and Escalation Management Service to triage calls and escalate as required
  • Our Business Intro to let callers know their call would be recorded and giving them an option to decline if they wished
  • Our client portal for the client to manage their rosters, listen to calls for quality checking and view our report suite
  • Our Business Intelligence reporting to enable quick understanding of process compliance gaps
  • The client has now a much more productive workforce and happier customers as a result

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