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When you need a 24/7 contact centre to manage all sales & customer support queries

Pain Point

The client needed a 24/7 contact centre solution to manage all sales & customer support queries


  • The client needed a professional, efficient and scalable way to manage inbound calls
  • They engaged us to qualify calls and allocate to appropriate teams based on need and location
  • Our processes included booking and despatching of technicians to site, take payments and log client interactions into the clients work allocation system


  • We needed to integrate our delivery model to an existing web-based job allocation system
  • The client’s job allocation matrix was also quite complex as it relied on a rotational allocation of jobs to technicians as various regions were often shared by multiple techs
  • Allocation meant that we would offer a job to Tech 1, then the next job to Tech 2, so on and so forth
  • We needed to allocation process to work concurrently to multiple calls for same location occurring simultaneously within the call centre


  • We integrated our scripting software into the clients work allocation system via API
  • We utilised our own platform to manage job allocations to technicians via the rotational matrix
  • We reported regularly on calls handled and met regularly to identify and implement process improvements

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Escalation Management service to triage urgent/non urgent calls, categorise them to respective technicians and commercial arrangements and incorporated an automated escalation monitoring process to track technician attendance and completion
  • We implemented our Business Intro to advise callers that their call would be recorded for quality and training purposes, giving them the option to decline
  • The client now has the confidence that their customers are getting the right level of service and that their technicians are only called for the right jobs

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