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When you need to improve the first point of contact for your clients across multiple locations

Pain Point

Need to improve first point of contact for high value top tier clients.


  • The client had an existing multi-national receptionist service comprising many different locations, each with their own call handling methodology
  • They engaged us to help develop a national standard incorporating comprehensive reporting
  • This approach is now benchmarked for management consulting Reception Service applications


  • Being able to integrate with Active Directory
  • Being able to report on all calls
  • Providing a service that could handle multiple sites some of which were overseas


  • We consulted extensively with bot the procurement and operational stakeholders to identify their requirements
  • We created a “dummy” script to show how the calls would be handled, how we would capture the core information from callers and how we would report these calls whether they were successfully connected or not
  • We were able to show how our agents would be able to provide a centralised seamless outsourced receptionist service across all their sites, replacing over 16 fulltime resources with a per call solution capable of handling any call fluctuations across sites

The final solution included:

  • We provided our Reception and Transfer service, comprising duplicated scripts for each site, using the same core script and referencing each site’s Active Directory
  • We integrated our platform with the Client’s Active Directory
  • We implemented comprehensive call activity and PBX reporting to provide a dynamic analysis of all calls handled via our Client Portal
  • The client now has a fully scalable, standard experience for their customers and never miss a call.

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