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When you need to improve your response to new business enquiries

Pain Point

Needed to improve response to customer enquiries for new homes


  • The client had a mobile sales force working with new estate display homes making it difficult to track success rates of customers expressing interest
  • They engaged us to answer calls 24/7 on overflow from their advertised number and send through leads to the relevant sales teams
  • The success of the solution in one state has led to its roll-out nationally


  • Multiple display centres and sales teams across the state


  • We provided 24/7 number diversion capability to ensure no calls would be missed
  • In collaboration with client we incorporated a comprehensive contact list of the sales teams relevant to a particular region and introduced a “back-up” should they be unavailable for any ‘leads”.
  • The contact list was embedded in a simple script so that we could transfer leads efficiently and take messages for other enquires for the office to deal with when they were able to
  • Any lead calls that were transferred were accompanied with a test so the sales representative had the information they needed.
  • We then introduced simple reporting to enable quick analysis of leads allocated and response rates

The final solution included:

  • Our Live Answer Messaging service including outbound transfers
  • Our Client Portal coupled with Business Intelligence reporting
  • The client now has the confidence that sales leads will not get missed and that they have scale for marketing campaigns as and when they need

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