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When your current VOIP solution has poor call quality

Pain Point

My current VOIP solution has poor call quality.


  • The client had a VOIP solution in place for their business of 20 plus employees
  • Their system was originally purchased on the cheapest price and subsequently found wanting with the Covid-19 working from home requirement
  • They engaged us to replace their VOIP PBX


  • Implementing a VOIP system that would integrate with their existing app-based access enabling access via computer or mobile
  • The customer required that this be integrated with a virtual reception service for their customers


  • We consulted with the client on the issues they needed resolving and identified a suitable system replacement with higher grade network performance at a more competitive price
  • We integrated the VOIP PBX and our virtual receptionist solution on the one bill for ease of reconciliation
  • The client now experiences a much-improved line quality, additional user functionality and most importantly a better customer experience.

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