Inbound 1800 numbers are ten digits and widely used by Australian businesses. Customers can call 1800 numbers from fixed Australian landlines free of charge.

Inbound 1800 Numbers Plans

Voice Pricing Details (ex GST) Plan Code: TMC I1800N

Fees Amount
Activation Fee (once off) $19.00
Monthly Fee (per answer point) $19.00
Call Type *Rate Per Minute
Calls Answered On Landline
Local $0.06
National $0.12
International Refer to TMC Connect International Call Charge Rates Applicable 
Calls Answered On Mobile
 Mobile $0.24

 Additional Charges And Service Information

  • *Call rates are quoted per minute, whilst calls are billed pro-rata in one second increments
  • TMC Connect International Call Charge Rates are available at
  • 1800 Inbound Numbers are for receiving incoming calls only and can be directed to any existing phone system, mobile or Live Answer Service
  • A minimum charge of $0.15 per call applies