Inbound 13 numbers are 6 digits long which attract customers and make it easy for them to remember. They are also great way to present your business professionally.

Inbound 13 Number Plans

Voice Pricing Details (ex GST) Plan Code: TMC I13N

Fee Amount
Activation Fee (once off) $19.00
Monthly Fee (per answer point) $19.00
Call Type *Rate Per Minute
Calls Answered On Landline
Local $0.06
National $0.12
International Refer to TMC Connect International Call Charge Rates Applicable 
Calls Answered On Mobile
 Mobile $0.24

Additional Charges And Service Information

  • 13 Numbers attract a Government Surcharge of $7,900.00 per annum (if paid in advance) or $848.84 per month if paid in monthly installments. This surcharge is paid on top of TMC Connect quoted 13 Number Services Fee Schedule applicable
  • *Call rates are quoted per minute, whilst calls are billed pro-rata in one second increments
  • TMC Connect International Call Charge Rates are available at
  • 13 Inbound Numbers are for receiving incoming calls only and can be directed to any existing phone system, mobile or Live Answer Service
  • A minimum charge of $0.15 per call applies

13 numbers graphic

13 Numbers FAQ

What are 13 numbers?

13 numbers are 6-digit virtual business numbers.

What are the benefits of 13 numbers?

Given 13 numbers only have 6 numbers these are easier to remember and therefore more likely for customers to call you.

How do I get a 13 number?

Contact us through our website and we will help you get a 13 number.