For over 40 years, we have delivered flexible, interactive, effective and measurable communication services and solutions to Australian businesses. Our telecommunications experience and expertise has enabled us to establish the brand TMC Connect. TMC Connect provides all telecommunications and technology platform based services.

At TMC Connect, we can offer a comprehensive telecommunications package incorporating a variety of reliable services. This service mix can be fully customised based on the needs and preferences of your business. Our telecommunications consultants can manage services for businesses of all sizes in a friendly and professional manner.

We are also members of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) and through this network we are able to integrate our traditional telecommunications services such as phone number plans and technology based platforms such as SMS and email platforms into our other business support services.

Our history and network has given us the ability to package these services for your convenience. Providing a packaged service mix that is fully integrated and customised allows your business to run as efficiently as possible. It also allows for complete transparency and visibility in the delivery of our services.

Business Telecommunications

A successful business needs to have the right telecommunications in place. This will make daily business operations easier for staff and will provide a higher quality service for customers. Ease of communication is key in today’s digital age, and storing information safely and securely while improving accessibility is paramount. Whether you need us to create new phone numbers for your office, update your current communications system, or develop a unique cloud-based program, our expert team are here to help.

Our range of telecommunications services include:

  • Inbound number plans
  • Inbound local number plans
  • Email & SMS platforms
  • Hosted interactive voice response

Inbound numbers offer many benefits for your business compared with a standard landline number. An inbound number not only makes it more affordable for customers to call your business, but provides professionalism, flexibility, portability and allows for several answering points.

Our Set Up Process

  1. Let The Message Centre connect a new number for your business. If you already have a number, we will look at your current charge rates to see if we can save you money on an existing number.
  2. Route your number to your in-house answer point, or divert to us for 24/7 Professional Live Answering. Alternatively, let us arrange a combination of both so that we answer calls when you are unavailable.
  3. Save money and manage calls 24/7!

If you want to improve telecommunications and increase your business prospects, we can provide a range of telecommunication services, guaranteeing quality results.

International Numbers  

Available on request. Please contact us for more information on international numbers.