At The Message Centre, we operate 24/7 all-year round. This means we can take orders for your business at any time, so you never need to worry about missing out on valuable business opportunities again.

Outsource Order Taking

We offer an entirely personalised service that is tailored to meet your specific circumstances. We can also customise the order-taking process to make sure it’s fully representative of how you business functions.

We take orders via one or  a combination of the following:

  • SMS
  • Alphanumeric pager
  • E-mail

We guarantee an efficient service, delivering all order details to you within two seconds after a customer call has ended. We can also relay messages to the necessary personnel in your business immediately via direct telephone contact or live transfer, as requested.

We also have the ability to place an order for you on behalf of the customer. We do this by accessing your web-based portal and transferring the details you require to complete the order transaction.

Our friendly, experienced staff is trained to handle every eventuality and work with all types of businesses.